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How to lower the entire map

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Created27.11.2020 17:46

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 27.11.2020 17:46
I were trying to build a mountain and didn't realise the max height was 255. Is there any way I can lower the entire terrain without flatting anything out? I've been building this map for many hours, and I'd prefer to keep the topography...

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2020 18:02
What you're searching is under the "terrain" properties, espec. "Terrain -> Height Scale".
Translating Y (and freeze) works also, but this will require probably adapting all other transform groups.

Note: some changes do not take effect immediately. Then you'll have to save and reload.

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 27.11.2020 19:38
I discovered the "terrain" tab on attributes when selecting terrain, and i can set my own height scale there.
How does it work? And why does certain chunks of terrain disappear at ca700+ height scale when I move my camera around?

Edit: I noticed how spiky my terrain became ingame when I loaded the testmap, so I think I get what heightmap is.

I noticed how lowering it to -300 I spawned way about the terrain (Even though I moved the careerStartPoint after transforming Y with Ctrl + B) and before I touched the ground, I ended in invisible water.
I moved the terrain to Y - 200 and didn't end up in water, but terrain chunks misbehaved and disappeared- dephending on where I were looking, and painted wheat acted the same way. some didn't even spawn.

I'm also seeing that lowering the Y axis also moves the maximum Y+ with it, so that didn't work.
The only thing that work is to increase heightmap scale, and then smoothe out the terrain again.. of what I can tell.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2020 20:33
I didn't play much around with these attributes. You'll have to find out yourself.

Hint: the heightmap.png is a gray scale image, you can also edit it in a paint program, eg. by changing contrast, gamma, etc.
Be sure then the program is in raw mode and doesn't 'optimize' your edits. And at save/export pay attention to exactly the same format as the origin.

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 27.11.2020 20:43
Alright. I don't think I'll test my skills as a painter as of now, but I will definetly keep this is mind. Thank you again!

illgib81 25.12.2020 20:37
I'm a bit late, but if you have acces to a Photoshop like, you could make the eightmap a bit darker lowering the luminosity, it's the fastest way to keep the topografy making everything "smaller".

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