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What to write in items.xlm

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Created29.11.2020 00:54

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 29.11.2020 00:54
I've tried to follow FS19's youtube tutorials through this (GDN) site on creating the starting farm, but how to write the commands is a bit diffuse in the videos.
The XML in the video from March this year is stating the items.xml file have examples on command lines included- but I do not have that. I could just write down what's shows on screen, but the resolution isn't high enough for me to be certain what symbols are used in said lines.

Can someone copy-paste a default command line for a Farmhouse for me?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.11.2020 15:58
In all maps are examples for the "defaultItems.xml" - also in the standard game maps ($data/maps/mapDE|US_items.xml)

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