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Created02.12.2020 12:43

Mattia Mattia (giro00000) 02.12.2020 12:43
I have try add fruit to silage bunker but the output is all times chaff, is there any solution or script? because I would like to create a silos where to store cereals and cover them. thanks all!!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.12.2020 12:53
A bunker silo is not meant as storage, but for fillType conversion. Its XML determines input/output.
<bunkerSilo acceptedFillTypes=".." inputFillType=".." outputFillType=".."
Where 'acceptedFillTypes' are all the unload fillTypes, 'inputFillType' is the immediately converted fillType, 'outputFillType' the end product after 'fermentingHours'.

For storage purposes take a usual storage silo.

Mattia Mattia (giro00000) 02.12.2020 13:24
yes i have change input, but there is a little problem for working good. for exaple: if i set input = maize and output = maize work good, but is i set input= maize wheat and output = maize wheat but when i'm unloading maize in the bunker the game change the maize to chaff.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.12.2020 00:16
For 'inputFillType' and 'outputFillType' is only ONE fillType allowed. Else the BunkerSilo script falls back to default fillType 'chaff' and 'silage'.

Mattia Mattia (giro00000) 03.12.2020 10:35
then the only way is to make a script like moresilosbunker but for all fruit

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