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I3d scale determined in xml

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Created02.12.2020 23:29

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 02.12.2020 23:29
is it possible to determine the scale of an i3d that is called out in the defaultItems.xml? there are obviously the position and rotation parameters, but when i try scale="x y z" it doesnt seem to be working at all.

not sure if i have something wrong, or if i have to make a seperate i3d, scale it in giants editor, then just call out that scaled i3d in the default items.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.12.2020 00:32
No - scaling by XML is not supported. You must do this in the i3d already. For best results 'freeze' the scaling afterwards, else errors can occur. Beneath any scaling costs performance.

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 03.12.2020 01:22
what do you mean by "freeze" the scaling afterwards?

preformance, although adknowledged on large scale maps, really isnt an issue here. its only for 3 small walls, i was just curious if scaling through xml would be a thing i could do, or if i had to make seperate i3d's for all the scaled items and then call them in individually through the defaultItems.xml

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.12.2020 02:24
Never examined the GE and its menus?
"freeze" = "Freeze Transformations" either by edit menu or by rightclick on transform.

And yes - like I said above, you have to make separate i3d's for each scaling.

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