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sheep not working right

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Created05.12.2020 02:03

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 05.12.2020 02:03
Hi amyone kmow why it is that when I get close to my sheep they start walking around but as soon as I move away a bit they freeze until i get close again all the others work fine just the sheep.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.12.2020 02:19
I'd guess there's something uneven with the navigation mesh.
But can also have other reasons like invalid xml nodes.
Look into game log for errors.

Kungfugamer (FunkyMunkee) 31.08.2021 08:44
Did you fix the issue Keith? I've downloaded a sheep pasture mod which has same issue. No error logs, nodes seem correct, has me stumped. Just seems to be this particular mod, stock/other sheep mods work fine.

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