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densityMapHeightTypes after FS 1.3 update

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Created06.12.2020 07:06

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 06.12.2020 07:06
alright guys, got a good one (for me at least, been pulling my hair out, but when don't I when i'm working on anything giants related lol)

the densityMapHeightTypes xml. pre-1.3, you had to use the very specific filepath "C:/Users/(user)/Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 19/mods/..." to be able to get the diffuse, normal, and distance files to work. however, with some of the tutorials i was watching, they said that you wouldn't have to use a file path that specific anymore after 1.3, so i dont know if that went into effect yet or not. ive used the filepath's:

C:/Users/(user)/Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 19/mods/(mod map name)/maps/fillPlanes/...

$moddir$(mod map name)/maps/fillPlanes/...


^^^ all of which dont work anymore. is the densityMapHeightTypes not even relevant anymore since prior updates as a fix to the specific file path inconvenience? i downloaded another multi-fruit map, and it doesnt even seem to have anything in relevance to the densityMapHeightTypes at all. its still commented out in the map xml, and i cant find any documentation on how its supposed to be called into the map now as of recent, only outdated stuff in relevance to the specific file path of pre-1.3.

any help would be greatly appreciated! whether it be the answer to the problem, or preferably where to find proper documentation on how to find answers to questions like this other than YouTube and outdated forums.

thanks in advance!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2020 09:40
Filepaths in the style $moddir$MAPNAME/PATH you should NOT use anymore. For maps use $mapdir$/PATH instead. It is safer since users tend to rename mods. This is also required for ModHub submit.

For compatibility Giants recommands placing the accessory folders in the map's root folder. Like fillPlanes, foliage, huds, particleSystems, placeables, etc.
Filepaths in map files use also the map's root folder as base directory.
Then use eg. for your "densityMapHeightTypes.xml"
<textures diffuse="fillPlanes/grass_diffuse.png" normal="fillPlanes/grass_normal.png" distance="fillPlanes/distance/grassDistance_diffuse.png"

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 06.12.2020 19:13
alright thanks man, all that information is actually super helpful. ill get back to you once i restore the map from one of my progress backups before i tried adding the crop type and just start over, i think i messed something up somewhere pretty bad.

ill let you know how everything works out with the new filepaths

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