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Created06.12.2020 15:08

Tomasz Sam (Scarvarg) 06.12.2020 15:08
Hello guys,

I have started working on a new map, but for some reasons I cannot make cars to spawn. I have created a transport group called "trafficSystem" and placed a spline in there (in a closed loop). When I load the game, there are no cars spawning. I have managed to create a spline for pedestrains and they seems to be working fine.

The traffic spline transport group has two properties.
1. onCreate: "TrafficSystem.onCreate" - type script
2. xmlFile: "$data/maps/mapDE_trafficSystem.xml" - type string.

I have also added some additional vehicles, but those are not used since I am using the $data folder for the trafic system. I just wanted to have any cars driving on my map.

What am I missing?
Cheers for help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2020 17:22
The first you are missing is to look into game log for errors/warnings.

Seems the splines don't work in closed loops anymore. Make sure start and end point are very close together. Then it should work.

Tomasz Sam (Scarvarg) 06.12.2020 18:04
There are no errors in the log file related to the traffic. I have also changed the start and end point for the spline, didn't fix the issue.

I have managed to fix it. I have no clue how but I have got the traffic spawining now. I think it was the closed loop, and I have moved the start and the end point so thehy almost touch eachother.

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