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Created08.12.2020 09:23

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 08.12.2020 09:23
In the 4x map I'm making, there's supposed to be ALOT of trees and I figured to do what they've done in mapDE with the trees being a part of the backdrop, but the only model I can export for this purpose is the one on mapDE, and it's WAAAY to big.
I just want a small cluster of trees in the backdrop, so I can duplicate more of them to fit the environment properly.

If we exclude blender (I got zero experience with it, and the i3D addon to blender doesn't activate), is there a simple way to obtain a smaller verson of that default to mapDE?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.12.2020 14:44
You can scale the background shapes. Afterwards you should 'freeze' the scaling. (rightclick or menu edit -> freeze transform -> scale)
If it still doesn't fit try to find alternate backgrounds. Else you need to create a new one in a 3D modeler.

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 08.12.2020 20:35
I've tried scaling it, and when it's as small as I'd prefer it, it's totally deformed.
I'm using a bunch of different mountain backdrops in order for it to be as authentic as possible to what I'm trying to replicate.

Is there like a max amount of trees possible to plant in the editor (not ingame)? I notice how much my GPU is doing alot of heavy lifting now that I'm only 25% through all the trees that's supposed to be there.

I'd prefer knowing whether or not there's a max limit so I don't have to delete a few thousand trees just so I can sculpt the landscape all over again

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.12.2020 21:44
Yes, there is a limit, iirc around ~40k, but I don't know the exact number.

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