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Map Prep "Precision Farming" Painting Problem

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Created08.12.2020 20:35

Ajfarmer (AJFARMER) 08.12.2020 20:35
I am preparing my map for Precision Farming by adding local soil data and I can not paint info channel Loamy Sand.
The PDF included has the Bit Settings as,

Layer 0- Loamy Sand- No Box checked
Layer 1- Sandy Loam- 0
Layer 2- Loam-1
Layer 3- Silty Clay-0,1

And 3 layers in the Mapi3d infoLayer

I am confused as when painting Farmland you can paint Layer 0 and it has no boxes checked.
Thanks for any help.

Luke Lee (Luke974) 08.12.2020 21:41
in your map.i3d change soilMap.grle to soilMap.png and save, after you load your map in the editor and paint the different layers and save the soilMap.grle will be created then go back into map.i3d and change soilMap.png back to soilMap.grle,

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