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Created10.12.2020 01:58

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 10.12.2020 01:58
2 quick questions:

1) does anybody know what the shapeId in the materialHolder i3d points to? some of the Id's appear to be in numerical order, but i cant figure out based upon examining the games base materialHolder.i3d txt files as to what they point to, what they mean, and if they need to be the same or different in comparison to other shapeId names.

2) does anybody know where the unloading/grain animation is or what its called for the grain filling effect inside of the harvester is called when harvesting a crop type. best way to describe it, is its the animation of the grain falling down into the harvester's grain bin when harvesting a crop. im sorry, i know that was probably confusing and repetitive, but thats the only way i can really describe it. its missing in my crop type that im adding completely and im trying to figure out where its located so i can copy the files over and change over the necessary parameters. is it located in the effect_materialHolder.i3d or somewhere else? if its located in there, is it called the pipe animation? its the only thing i can seem to narrow it down to, nothing else makes sense except that (pipe) or unloading, but i dont think unloading would be a very accurate description of whats happening, if anything i would think at least that the unloading transform group would point to the actual "pipe out" unloading animation.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.12.2020 07:14
Isn't it obviously? Beneath the *.i3d is also generated the *.i3d.shapes and the 'shapeId' refers to according shape in this file.

Also obvious the unloading animations and similar. These are particles and you have already mentioned "effect". So where is it supposed to be? Look into particleSystems/effect_materialHolder.
Notice that all these materialHolder files are dummies only. How it looks in the game is affair of the model's shapes. These materialHolders insert the material into the i3d's <material> so one doesn't need to create different shapes with different materials for each fillType (like in earlier FS).

For a new fruit/fillType you'll need also appropriate materialHolders. You must add the i3d's to your map and reference them in the map.xml <additionalFiles>. See modmaps with custom fruit/fillTypes for reference.

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