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Implement with conveyorBelt filling itself

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Created10.12.2020 17:01

Adam Evert (AdamEvert) 10.12.2020 17:01
Hello, lovely people!

So I'm having some trouble figuring out how to make a mod of mine work the way I want it to, and I'd love some help and input from the more knowledgeable folks on here.

Basically what I'm working on is a more realistic air cart/commodity cart/whatever you wanna call it in terms of how the filling auger (or conveyor belt) works. So very similar to the in-game Seed Hawk Air Cart, TH1400, and Bourgault Carts etc. So on the cart I'm working on I have five different tanks for holding seed or fertilizer (the intention is to be able to run the drill with liquid fertilizer instead, so then you can put more seeds in the air cart instead of solid fertilizer), each one with their separate fillUnits and fillVolumes etc. I am then having the refilling auger controlled with movingTools instead of just different steps of a cover animation, so that you can move it in under a truck and position it more freely (and the cover animation just opens the hatches to the tanks). My hope was to use the conveyorBelt specialization for the refilling auger, and then have it pipe into whatever tank the dischargeNode is above, but I'm running into some issues. The separate tanks seem to work just fine, and I can refill them from another conveyor, a big bag or whatever no problems. The refill auger also works as it should, I can tip seeds and fertilizer into it and it scoops it up- however it does not want to unload it into the tanks. It unloads just fine if you put it over a different vehicle or trailer, but it does not want to discharge into any of the tanks on the air cart itself.

I'm not sure if it's some sort of limitation in how the discharge looks for valid exactFillRootNodes, or if I'm making a completely different mistake - my lua knowledge is pretty much nonexistent, so even looking at the luadoc doesn't help me that much unfortunately. Maybe I'm on the completely wrong path with the converyorBelt route?

If anyone has any idea what to try to get it to work, I'd be really happy. Thank you!

Noah Gransee (Radskoolie553) 10.12.2020 19:06
Is the path area set correctly? Sometimes you need to position the end of the path in the tank. I haven't had this issue, but I will try to recreate it when I get home from work

Adam Evert (AdamEvert) 10.12.2020 21:23
Hey, Noah! I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by path area. Each tank is set up with it's separate fillVolume and exactFillRootNode mapped accordingly in the XML, and the conveyor belt has a exactFillRootNode for filling and then a dischargeNode at the end where it empties whatever is on the belt. Like I mentioned in my initial post both the belt portion and the tanks work perfectly on their own, but this path are might be something I've missed totally. Would be super happy if you can come up with any insights, thank you!

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