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Created12.12.2020 14:49

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 12.12.2020 14:49
So I know of the environment.xml, but I only know how I want the angle and rotation of the sun in the editor and ingame but don't know how I "convert" this into the XML.

I'd like the sun to rise (rotate) the opposite way it's doing by default and change the angle so it's not so high during mid day.

I could mess around with the XML myself, but testing how it's applied ingame will take alot of time- as since the max timespeed is low when comparing it to what I'm trying to test..
sorry if I'm making myself unclear..

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.12.2020 02:11
See for comparison the Giants map "Estancia Lapacho", available on ModHub. It plays on south hemisphere with appropriate sun settings.

If you want the sun rising in west instead east, perhaps improve your nature science knowledge.

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 13.12.2020 13:48
Thank you for both the "aid" and sarcastic scolding, but my first-ever handcrafted modmap wasn't designed with a compass enabled, and therefore the landscape orientation is off by at least 180 degrees.

Right now, the sun is in fact rising from the west north-west, and with my kindergarden nature science knowledge- I know that this isn't right.

In case I'm hard to understand- let me rephrase: The sun is wrong, and I would like to know how I edit it's path (or if possible- reverse it's orbit)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.12.2020 16:53
I don't know what kind of crap map you're going to edit. But if you simply setup the sun like in default maps and exchange all the environment files with the default ones, you'll get the same 'normal' behaviour as in standard maps.
Exchange the stuff with "Lapacho" files and you'll get the same result for the south hemisphere.

It is wise to examine the differences between north and south hemisphere maps.
Then you can fiddle around with the "environment.xml". For the sun movement mainly <sunRotation> and <sunIsPrimary> values depending on daytime.

btw: you won't need a compass. By default it is assumed the z-axis in i3d defines north. *g*

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 13.12.2020 22:49
The "crap map" I'm making is based on a empty world with nothing in it besides the sun, terrain height scale 0, no painted nothing- just the shop triggers and carrier start points.

And since I obviously did not have the knowledge of how advanced it was to setup a new orbit or just altering the path of the sun when starting my mod- I'm asking my stupid questions here, hoping that someone would actually help a newbie without having to insulting them and their work while doing so.

I guess I'm just having to waste hours "fiddling" on other enviroment.xml's for a few hours

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2020 04:00
You don't ask for help - you ask for someone who writes the complete stuff for you.
If you are not able to examine and understand something like the few environment files and simply copy the required files from a default map, your modding career will soon have a dead end.
You will not learn if others give you snippets which you simply copy and paste into your project. You will only learn by own research and understanding contexts.

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 14.12.2020 16:07
That's really low of you to judge someone like you just did.
I did NOT say nor expect people to do something for me or give me a finished script, but rather help a fellow modder out in a more helpful way that is defined on a level equal to the request; and not on the kind of level YOU work on and prefer.

You obviously did not read my requests properly, and definetly not on my "level" as a newbie- nor did you answer it without pushing thoughless and private feelings into it.

I am learning alot of having SOME predefined snippets and codes that work as since I usually break down codes to understand them rather than building them up from the ground- as you seem to expect people to do. Not everyone can do it your way. Since you have the "higher ground" on knowledge and experience, it's pretty awful to share that while being condescending. See? Even I am partially praising your standing, even though I don't care about your attitude. LEVEL with me here!

I haven't said anything to deserve being talked down to like you have me.
Get down from your high horse and get a grip, will ya? I'm being honest about being a newbie in the modding world, and if you can't stop the condescending talk, then stop replying and see a psychologist.

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 14.12.2020 16:12
Oh btw
If you care whether or not about my modding career (which you obviously don't), having aid from someone who care instead of replying in such poisonous way will most certainly help building the interest.

Even if I did ask for a copy-paste of a xml file for own use, how is that damaging anything? How is that terrible? I'm trying to make a modmap from a personal real-life location to share with my friends for fun.
I'm not after educating myself to become a professor in this field. Noone is!

P.S: The environment.xml is from MapDE.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2020 20:53
You don't get the point. All what is not documented or described anywhere in web you must find out yourself. Or endless wait for an answer from anyone who has researched the theme earlier.
In fact nearly all people use the default environment files from standard maps, myself included. I have given you the hints where to begin modifying the files. So try out or leave it.

Yngve Bæsj (Unknown) 15.12.2020 01:01
Well I have tried, to edit the environment.xml by playing with the numbers, and to me it appears the both the sun and the light from the sun is two different commands in this file, and I can't get them to correspond once I've edited one of both of them.

I can't fix this myself, and the hits I've been given is beyond my comprehending.
I just can't help but finding it too advanced, so I give this shit up.

illgib81 25.12.2020 20:29
"Or endless wait for an answer from anyone who has researched the theme earlier."
That's the point of a forum, share knowledge.

My 2 cents.

By the way Yngve, i'm sorry but you'll won't find any help here as you can see.

Sorry that i can't be of any help, i tried too to make distant fog a bit thicker with no success at all.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.12.2020 07:30
And what exactly does this post help the TO?
Better keep your whining for yourself. It is not very constructive.

illgib81 26.12.2020 17:15
The same your did.
Uncostructive and offensive, at least i haven't offended op.

Scott Johnston (Unknown) 26.12.2020 21:06
Bilbo Beutlin, who hurt you? Yngve is asking a simple question. If you can't handle that, log off.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.12.2020 22:52
At least I've given some concrete hints where to begin research and possible edits.
And what's your both contribution apart from trolling?

Scott Johnston (Unknown) 27.12.2020 00:35
"At least I've given some concrete hints where to begin research and possible edits."

With that attitude, none of your hints and possible edits will get used. You're not a very polite person, I don't know why you choose to talk to people you don't know in that way.... do people talk to YOU that way? Do you like it? Maybe you feel better about yourself or more powerful? That's just sad Bilbo.

illgib81 27.12.2020 04:42
Saying "Go check another .xml and compare them, mind that xxx it's the part you're looking at (or any useful suggestion)" it's way different from "Go figure out for yourself".
It's not like he's stealing your job, it's only 'damn modding, helping someone in trouble it's the point of a forum, to share the knowledge, so he doesn't need to ask again.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.12.2020 05:11
In general, I am friendly and polite, as countless threads here prove.
But I don't have to be towards trolls who don't contribute anything at all to the topic, but only want to make themselves important and disturb considerably.

illgib81 27.12.2020 14:27
Since your average answer it's "Check the tutorial/youtube/figure for yourself" i wouldn't call your general attitude as "polite", but to each his own.

Op asked for help, you wheren't much helpful and he politly said to you, get over it.

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