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Animation Nodes for sowing machine Tank

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Created14.12.2020 16:14

Emincan Ya─×iz (Emincan) 14.12.2020 16:14
Hi, I made a sowing machine and fillable tank for that sowing machine. they work smoothly. But I I want to add a belt animation for the tank. I wrote this animation to the <sowing machine> zone, it doesn't work. i3d node is correct and I added the required attributes for the belt (UvScroll etc.)Where should I write the animations?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2020 21:02
It might work with <sowingMachine> <animationNodes> <animationNode ..
Else you must setup the animations in <movingParts>
Look into default tools xml's for reference and examples.

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