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Baking Ambient Occlusion With UDIM in Blender

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Created14.12.2020 22:57

Bradley Pregon (Bradwrr69) 14.12.2020 22:57
I'm in the process of making a mod for FS19 using Blender (2.91). I'm nearing completion with the model and about to start working with UDIM and the material system, but I'm wanting to bake an AO/specular image so I can create custom dirt textures.

Question is - how are AO textures made in conjunction with UDIM? I've taken a look at in-game equipment as well as some mods, it appears that the UVs are unwrapped into one tile, baked onto a 2048x2048 image, and then are spread apart for UDIM... or maybe there are two UV maps, one for UDIM and one for baking? I'm at a complete loss on this topic and have not gotten far with my multiple hours of research.

Thank you for any responses, they are greatly appreciated.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2020 23:45
Will be perhaps no great help (I'm no gfx artist, more coder):
Google for "fs19 udim blender". There are some useful and elaborate guides about.

Bradley Pregon (Bradwrr69) 15.12.2020 04:09
BBeutlin, you might be onto something. I immediately found 1-2 videos that might somewhat describe what I'm looking for. Maybe I just needed to Google the right thing :-)

Or.. maybe I should focus more on final exams this week.

Thank you, I'll come back if I have more questions.

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