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Mipmap problems with a DDS texture

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Created15.12.2020 13:01

madarHR 15.12.2020 13:01
Hi! Im relatively new to modding. Im playing the game on the mod map and i tried to use different ground textures which give the more natural look to the scenario in which is map set. I have found ground textures that fit that purpose (plowed,cultivated,sowed) but only for FS17. After observing the textures in gimp i did not notice any difference that those used in the FS19. So i copied and replaced the old textures in the mod map for FS19 with those i have found for FS17.And it worked textures appear and it works however there is a big shimmering, jaggines problem when i look the texture that are not right next to me and its destroying my eyes haha specialy when im moving around.

Here is the picture of what i mean.

Now i tried to resave the texture with mipmaps in dxt3 format as this is the format in which the texture was saved previously. And now when i load the game texture appears completely black like it did not load properly or something.

Any help would be appricated. I tried to resave the texture with mipmaps and in DXT3 format both in and in gimp and like i said it appears black then when loaded in game

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.12.2020 13:34
The FS gfx engine expects DXT1 or DXT5. Don't use DXT3 anymore (like in earlier FS).

madarHR 15.12.2020 17:51
I tried to export into DXT1 and DXT5 also and the same problem occurs it loads all black.
I tried with or without generating mip maps the same problem happend again. Also i tried merging all layers and then generating mip maps again its loading black i dont know what to do anymore the downloaded texture works but as soon as i export it or resave it stops working

Maybe i can send someone here the file so it can examine it?

madarHR 15.12.2020 18:05
I needed to save the texture as a texture array not only the image or selected layer

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.12.2020 04:26
Texture arrays will not work for ground/terrain textures, since there's no UV parameter supported (afaik).

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