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Selling pallets on bale trailer

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Created17.12.2020 14:28

Mike R*** (Vanguard) 17.12.2020 14:28
Could use some help... some bale trailers allow you to sell pallets on top of them straight through the trailer when positioned over a sell point, others do not, and in the case of trailers with a dolly mounted on the front, the dolly seems to block this functionality and the pallets near the front won't sell.

I have compared two trailers, one that works against ones that don't, and I can't find any difference at all. The structure, collisions, collision masks for both are absolutely identical, or I've modified them to be with no success. I can't find the magical element that is blocking the pallets ability to sell when on a trailer. Can anyone help please.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.12.2020 17:14
The selling point triggers react on certain bitmasks of pallets, bales, bigbags etc. If now some other rigid body bitmask (eg. from vehicle) dominates, the object may not be recognized.

Mike R*** (Vanguard) 17.12.2020 19:06
That's the thing.. the trailers that work have bits 1,3 set, some of them have 23 and 8. I tried turning all of the bits off, removing collision altogether, on all elements of the trailer, and no matter what I do, it won't sell.

Interestingly, even the trailers that have 1,3,8,23 set, if I have super strength enabled and hold a pallet of wool or egg box, whatever over the body, it won't sell until it drops and becomes flush with the surface of the trailer. I even tried lowering the trailer in case it was a distance problem.

Specifically, the mod is the Flielg TPW set, and the old DPW 180, and the semi-trailer version. The DPW and semi sell no issue through the trailer. The TPW series will not. Same author, same hierarchy, same collision masks, two different results. I've banged every dent I can find with a hammer, can't get them to sell.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.12.2020 01:03
Sometimes it's also trigger dependent. Some triggers are very flat, let's say 5cm. Then selling directly from vehicle may not work properly due to distance.
I had this also with default triggers. Making the thing larger (~ 0.5-1m) helped in many cases.

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