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effect_MaterialHolder importing pipe effects

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Created18.12.2020 06:58

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 18.12.2020 06:58

so the issue im having now: in a previous post, i tried to see if anyone knew where or what the animation was called for the pipe unloading animation happening inside the combine during harvesting. Well, i ripped apart the games default effect_materialHolder, and found out its under the "pipe" transform group, and it is specifically the value="2" string user attribute.

The issue that im having, is when i export the selection of that pipe transform group of the default effect_materialHolder so i can import it into my map's effect_materialHolder for a custom crop type, i run into some issues, all of which result in the animation im trying to get working not working (the pipe unload out of the combine works perfectly fine still due to the value="1" user attribute remaining intact:

1) it deletes the userAttribute for the value="2" pipe completely out of the i3d's text data. i make sure the materials that are imported are changed over to my crop types appropriate node id's, material id's, textures and normals, and any other necessary associations.

2) the material associated to the internal pipe harvesting animation (the value="2" user attribute), specifically the one that retains the information customShaderVariation="BEND_PARABOLA", is supposed to retain the information "cosPower="2" specularColor="0 0 0" ambientColor="1 1 1" inside of the <Material ... > line. when saving the i3d through GE, it retains all material information except for those 3 values. it just deletes them completely for a reason i do not yet know. update: it is also deleting the cosPower="2" variable under the regular pipe unloading animation also. am i missing another required file that needs to be there in order to retain this function? i am linking it to the pipeUnloadingShader. it also removes the Normalmap file for the bend_parabola material associated to the shape in conversation. could this be the issue?

3) when everything is transferred and imported over, it shows BOTH pipe shapes as having the same shapeId (i.e. shapeId="4"), but in the default giants effect_materialHolder, they are listed as two different shapeId's (i.e. shapeId's 113 and 114, respectively). its not keeping the information that should signify they are 2 different shapes.

4) it also seems to be adding a parameter called name="fadeProgress" into the material that is linked to the above transform groups and attributes. this parameter does not exist in the giant's default effect_materialHolder.

any information would be extremely helpful, i can't seem to figure out why its deleting those lines of data. all of the above problems dont seem to be happening when it is in giants' default directory, only when its in my custom map for some reason. i dont know what else i could be missing that i need to be able to prevent these functions from disappearing.

the origin of the problem, is the crop type that was uploaded (that i downloaded to import into my map), only seems to retain the value="1" user attribute and its respective transform group and material. in short, only the shape for the pipe unloading was included in the effect_materialHolder, and the shape for the harvesting internal pipe animation is missing altogether. to fix this problem, should i be:

1) exporting giants' default pipe shapes (wheat for example for reference, then change everything over once importing it into my current effect_materialHolder.

2) or, just copying the current shape that is included in the pipe transform group in the effect_materialHolder of my map, and adding the required information into the i3d's text that needs to be there for the harvesting pipe animation to work correctly. (i dont think this would particularly work because of issue #3 above, and that they need to be 2 different shapeiD's.)

3) just copying the default giants effect_materialHolder and deleting any core dependencies that i dont need, and just renaming and changing dependencies for my added crop type.


Mike Firment (mike1000195) 18.12.2020 07:44
i just tried solution number 3 from above (trying to take the default effect_materialHolder and just removing everything i dont need and renaming, and associating what I need to inside the i3d's txt), and the same result happens. everything is set and ready to go, i go into the materialHolder i3d, save it, and when i open it back up again in notepad++, it got rid of the cosPower parameters, added fadeProgress, and put both shapeId's as the same number.

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 18.12.2020 07:51
probably another helpful bit of information:

i was testing out just exporting wheat (what im using as a template) under the pipe transform group in the effect_materialHolder. i tested everything from getting parent directory (yes and no) to game relative path's (yes and no), in all the possible combinations just to see if it would do anything.

what i found out, was that no matter what i did, as soon as i exported that group with those shapes inside of it, and then opened it up in notepad++, all of the above issues happened. it added fadeProgress, and got rid of those 3 parameters (including cosPower, etc). it even listed them both as the same shapeId again instead of keeping them both as two seperate shapes. i cant begin to think of why it would get rid of that information and default back to that every time i try to fix it, even if it does (or doesnt) have the game relative paths and parent directories of the information that it may need.

so, with that, i think where the problem is originating, is it isnt keeping the properties of the shapes (or something along the lines of that), and messing up either at export or when opening the i3d after export, and registering them as both having the same shape, presumably the wrong shape that isnt able to retain those values of cosPower, etc, and giving it the fadeProgress attribute.

even upon just opening the default effect_materialHolder in GE and saving it (after doing absolutely nothing, and dont worry i made a backup first of course before i messed with anything), the same issue happens when i look at it in txt format in Notepad++. it changes everything in relation to my issue to the same shapeId, not 2 different ones anymore. this is the default giants materialHolder that is provided with the game. this tells me there has to be some other dependency that the i3d requires that enables it to be able to retain those different shapes, that isnt being loaded in when i solely open just the effect_materialHolder from giants and save it after doing nothing. how did they get it to stay that way in the first place then?

if that definitely is whats happening, how do i avoid the problem from occuring, and how do i get GE to export (or register upon opening/saving) the correct shape type(s)?

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 19.12.2020 23:07
bumping the post, i just really need some direction on this.

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 23.12.2020 01:14
no help yet? im completely lost on this. i've tried about everything i can think of.

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