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Particle sprayer effect not loading ingame

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Created21.12.2020 22:33

madarHR 21.12.2020 22:33
I downloaded a sprayer that has no particle spraying effect. So i downloaded another sprayer from the official modhub and tried to use this method: to add the particle effect.

Also i edited the xml file by copying the lines from a previous mod that has the effect working.

<effectNode effectNode="0>0|3|0|0|0" delay="0.2" materialType="sprayer" materialTypeId="1" />

I have changed only the effectNode text to match the index path of my newly added particle effect in giants editor.

Farming Simulator 19/data/shared/ is the the path for the material texture which the working sprayer uses so i left that as it is in material editing.

Unfortunately im doing something wrong beacuse spraying particle effect does not appear ingame after doing all that.

madarHR 22.12.2020 00:11
im getting an error in log "LinkNode is nil"
Failed to load effect 'vehicle.sprayer.effects.effectNode(0)' from node
I3D file offers '2' objects, but '1' components have been loaded!
Error: Invalid compound index: 2>

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