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harvester showing wrong color.

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Created22.12.2020 01:44

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 22.12.2020 01:44
Hi, I just added onions to my map and it works fine. Exept from one tiny little thing. the converted potato harvester Varitron 490 shows a white color on the belt, no onions inside the bucked. When I emty it in the trailer it shows also white, but in the trailer it shows brown color and it`s counting the litres. When I sell it, it I get the money but it tips nothing on the sell point but the brown colcor disapear in the trailer.

Can anyone tell me what this can be. Am I missing some textures? becaouse I copyed everything on onions to my map and the vehicles folder too.

Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.12.2020 03:57
Most probably missing or faulty materialHolder files for fillType 'onion'.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 23.12.2020 05:40
This map had no material holders at all, all the needed holders was directed to the game folder, $data/maps/particleSystems and so on. So I copyed the holders from the main game and cleaned them up. I then added onions to the holders and made sure the onions defuce files and so on was directed to my map. There was no error on the holders after. I added the lines in mapDE.xml. "<additionalFile filename="particleSystems/particle_materialHolder.i3d" />"

The path is maps/particleSystems/particle_materialHolder.i3d" />" but if I add "maps" in front of particleSystems the game stops loading.

So I guess it has to be "<additionalFile filename="particleSystems/particle_materialHolder.i3d" />" The game loads up fine then but no onions in the harvester and the trailer. But like I say, The harvester and the trailer fills up, I can sell it but can`t see it.

I also checked all the other files but I can`t find anything wrong. I copyed the lines from the other map and into my files. I corrected the path if needed.

There is so little information on this on the net.

I have done this before with another map and there it was working fine, there was no problem with anything. But this map huh!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.12.2020 14:21
Best way is the Giants' recommanded map folder structure with the required fillPlanes, foliage, particleSystems, placeables, shaders, shared in the map's base directory. This is since many default files refer also to this structure.
Unluckily many 'modders' don't follow these rules and for changes one has to edit many filepaths manually in i3d's and xml's.

Keep in mind that there are many materialHolder files required for several purposes. See a default map.xml's <additionalFiles>. So adding a custom fillType needs also appropriate materialHolders, type depending on usage.
If you create your custom materialHolder, heed espec. the user attributes and materials. Certainly a new fillType requires also a new material. This is usually done before in the 3D modeler. Else you must edit the i3d's xml code by adding the entries in <Materials> and <Files>, then assign the new material according new shapes.

There are several guides around in web. Search for "fs19 materialHolder.i3d".

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