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Crashes caused by merge groups

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Created22.12.2020 11:09

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 22.12.2020 11:09
Hello guys, I've got a strange bug with merge groups.
I'm working on a mod that has a lot of configurations and moving parts, that required the creation of almost 100 different merge groups (as far as I know the only limit I found it's the 60 bone limit for merge group/mesh).
The issue is that some merge group cause Giants Editor (and so the game) to crash whenever I try to activate the visibility of the main mesh or even if I only press 'F' to centre the camera on them.
I tried to remove these merge groups but the issue returns in other mesh groups. I tried to redo all the 100 merge group from scratch, I tried to export all in FBX and reimport in Maya, I tried to export all from giants editor, but the issue never goes away.
My only clue is that there is a max limit of merge group, but it does not make sense since you can recreate the same concept of mesh group with a little bit of tedious rigging.
I'm currently without ideas, any tips?

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