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Created22.12.2020 17:57

Bj Bbbbsdsdsd (b_6789) 22.12.2020 17:57
Hi, a beginners question - or a lot of them.

I want to put a Traktor in FS19... The vehicle is built in Blender.
It is based on an existing tractor (Fendt900) of the game in size etc.
I exported it, loaded into the Editor together with the "donor vehicle"
I deleted the parts of the original vehicle and replaced them by mine. (Bodywok etc). Axles and Hydraulics I tried to keep.

First try, the original Fendt is still there - but totally grey.

2nd try... I chose a JCB as a donor vehicle, and it has a different hierarchy of its parts in the editor.
Same way to go, and in the game - the JCB is gone and my Tractor is in.
On spart is heading the wrong way, but not to bad for a start. The only thing is - it can't move!
So far I can see, I deleted the JCB's chassis wich seems to be the main group which has all the animations bound to it (right?)

The questions:
- in the Editor it looks as if one part has to be the master for moving etc - is that correct?
- Is it best to set up everything in Blender with bones, IK etc and then export it - will the hierarchy of parts correct in the editor then?
(like I would set up the Tractor for an animation)
Or would just import the Data and organize everything in the editor?

thanks a lot,


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