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Editor crashes when i try and open a map

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Created23.12.2020 17:35

Alex Metzger (Unknown) 23.12.2020 17:35

Im trying to edit a map but it keeps crashing everytime. Im using the latest editor 8.2.2. Any advice?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.12.2020 22:06
Sorry, today no clairvoyants here.
Which map? - default? modmap? for which FS version?
What about editor log? (USER\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor ...\editor_log.txt)

Eivind Dahle (dahlex) 24.11.2021 17:11
Hello, i seem to have the same problem. i am a complete beginner in giants editor.

I set game path in preferences and i tried to load a map file->open and then i loaded map in one of the maps in the game
the program freezes for a few sec and then it just quits


Joe Crab (kingvfd) 28.11.2021 15:29
Same problem here (latest giants editor for fs22), was working perfect but now its crashing, opens ok but as soon as i try import anything it just freezes and crashes?

tried reinstalls etc just does same thing???

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.11.2021 15:34
Check in GE preferences the path to game installation.

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