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Created27.12.2020 13:16

Derek Latham (ragworm) 27.12.2020 13:16
i am working trying to get bunker silo working ok and now i notice if i put one load of chaff i silo and start compcting it
the volume keeps increasing any ideas ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.12.2020 17:40
The bunker silo 'compacting' does no really compression, only some distribution.
The visible volume is defined in 'densityMapHeightTypes' and doesn't change in bunker silo.

Derek Latham (ragworm) 29.12.2020 07:04
Yes i see it spreads around but the actual number rises

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.12.2020 11:57
What do you mean with "actual number"?
Does the real amount of silo content increase? Then there's something wrong.
Or merely the appearing, visible volume ? That's normal due to organization of dropped fillTypes (raster of terrainDetailHeight).

Derek Latham (ragworm) 06.01.2021 17:53
it is the actual number that rises but i have given up with that map now as i think the additional fruits were giving me issues and have gone to the mod map which is going fine until today when i tried it in game and noticed that some how i have lost the start up grain
the silos and empty .It was ok a few days ago and i cant think what i did
do you have any ideas the silo itself works fine i have just tried it

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.01.2021 18:07
There should be backups of your running game in the folder "savegameBackup".
Compare in the files "items.xml" the silos and contents of old vs. new game.
It's usually in <item className="SiloPlaceable" ..

Derek Latham (ragworm) 06.01.2021 19:39
will have a look

Derek Latham (ragworm) 08.01.2021 18:52

Found it was the forage mixer that is doing it but cant stop it nomatter what i try and the benifit of a placed mixer out ways the small amount of grain i loose
Thanks for the help

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