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modding in game vehicle rules

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Created29.12.2020 22:41

Joe Miller (jm44807) 29.12.2020 22:41
i added a header lock on the leguan40 header trailer. what are the rules for editing vehicle from game and posting to modhub. when i run it thru testrunner_public is says not to use giants name. so is it ok just to post with my name? it was a minor edit just wondered if this is frowned upon or if it is ok.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.12.2020 03:54
There's a guide in the GDN download section: Modders Guide to the ModHub
Read it.

Joe Miller (jm44807) 30.12.2020 17:00
i did read it before and now just read it 2 more times also read modhub guidelines none of which mention modding in game equipment unless i missed it. i do not want to take credit for things i did not do but just thought i would share edit because it header carts never worked for me. yhey always dropped header on ground.

mabey this is not the place to ask where would be.


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