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Created30.12.2020 04:29

Auriol Auriolist (auriol90) 30.12.2020 04:29
I have almost finished map. But now I found out that when I load my map ingame, there are no vehicles or sellingpoints. I have set them in the files like in this video
I have even copied defaultitems.xml from other map that works and those files which contains sellingpoint.xml and made same directory

Here is a line from my default items
<item mapBoundId="sellingStationKmaatalous" className="SellingStationPlaceable" filename="$moddir$Laavakorpi/Sell/sellingStationKmaatalous.xml" position="447.755 99.637 661.284" rotation="0 0 0" />

I made this mod map from scratch, I started in Giants editor "new mod from game" and then copied files from FS19 sdk folder. Is there something missing, because the selling point don't apper ingame neither defaul vehicles.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.12.2020 07:42
Don't use the filepath "$moddir$MAPNAME", but "$mapdir$" instead.

Also there's a bug in GE "new mod from game" which writes faulty paths in defaultItems/Vehicles.
Replace all filename="$data/ with filename="data/

Auriol Auriolist (auriol90) 30.12.2020 13:13
Problem solved
Now default vehicles apper when I start new game.
I didn't paint all map with Farmland and it caused the problem

illgib81 30.12.2020 13:34
Selling points as vehicles are a pain to set.
Make sure to paint the right farmland id where your farm and the stores are, or else the game won't load tem up.
Take a note into the farmland.xml and use one of the unused or wildlands id as the general un buyable lands, in usmap you can use one of the rocky area.

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