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Created31.12.2020 17:32

Emincan YaĞiz (Emincan) 31.12.2020 17:32
is there a way for using mods in Missions(harvestimg, seedin etc. not pallet transport)? I want to use my mods in the missions. I have set missionVehicles.xml for mods($moddir$tractorxxx/tractorxxx.xml) but it is not worked.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.01.2021 15:42
Path variables like $moddir$ or $mapdir$ are not supported in the missionVehicles.xml.

If you want to use mod vehicles for missions you must embed the vehicles in your map and use relative paths in the missionVehicles.xml.

Emincan YaĞiz (Emincan) 01.01.2021 17:26
it's worked. Thanks!

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