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Create Placeables from Default map objects

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Created04.01.2021 20:51

Ioannis Nik (Unknown) 04.01.2021 20:51
I recent;y had an idea to extract a railway silo and tranform it to a buyable SIlo to Shop. Althought my idea had no success.

So i would like to ask if it is posible. In other worlds can we use defauld objects from the map to "extract" them as placeables?

And my other question can change the train vagons order or extend the train ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.01.2021 09:55
If you want an object from default maps, load the map with object, select the object and do GE menu "Export Selection".
Export the i3d to a separate folder you have created before.
Answer possibly upcoming queries
- use parent directory: NO
- use game default paths: YES
Then load this new i3d into editor and reset all translations and rotations to zero.
Check if the object appears on 0,0,0 on GE grid. Case not, move it and "freeze transformations" (translation and rotation).
To make it available in game, you have to create a new "object.xml" and "modDesc.xml". See default files for reference.

The train wagons and order are defined in the train spline associated "trainSystem.xml" which you find in the "defaultItems.xml"
<item mapBoundId="trainSystem" className="TrainPlaceable" filename="PATH/trainSystem.xml" .. />
If this PATH points to the FS game default path ("data/"), you need to set filename="$mapdir$/placeables/trainSystem/trainSystem.xml" and copy the complete default folder "trainSystem" to your map's folder placeables where you can edit the files.
Pay attention to change the path in xml to new path <filename>placeables/trainSystem/trainSystem.i3d</filename>

If you need more help, google for "fs19 create placeable" resp. "fs19 create trainSystem".

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