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Created07.01.2021 19:30

Fuman 07.01.2021 19:30
In keeping with my earlier, and first ever, post to the forum, I would present another question for potential resolvement.

Again, with regards to the modDesc.xml file, I have added the following line:

<newCategory name="beltTesting"
previousCategory="belts" imageFilename=""/>
<storeItem xmlFilename="beltSystem.xml"/>

Yes, I am learning with a conveyor belt item from the in-game store.

My question is thus: do I also need to include in the directory an addStoreCategory.lua script ?

If so, I am having trouble locating it. I did however, find this: addCategory.lua

Has addStoreCategory been deprecated and replaced with addCategory ?

And if you will allow, I have one more question on this topic. The same modDesc.xml file contains the following line:
<type name="testBelt" className="Vehicle"

I am assuming that this is a directive to look on my local drive for the script. Note however that I purchased the game via steam and have no such file on my drive. Not that I can find or see at least.
As such, will I need to find and download this script as well ?

[Edit] In refining the previous question, do I need to create the lua scripts with the information provided on this site in the documentation section, and if so, will addCategory suffice for a replacement of addStoreCategory?

[Edit] It has just occurred to me that I am familiar with Farming Simulator 19 and have no knowledge of, or exposure to any of its predecessors. I now wonder if it isn't so much a question of deprecation, but of version/release ?

Thank you for sharing your time and intellect,

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.01.2021 20:28
Adding a new store category by modDesc.xml is not supported by default, you need an additional script.
There are several mod scripts of this kind around and each may use its own syntax.
It is more fiddling than necessity and can lead to problems if different of these scripts are used.

Filenames with leading "$data.." point to the FS install folder. This is included in all FS versions.
The files "dataS.gar" and "dataS2.gar" are compressed archives in a Giants proprietary format.

Fuman 07.01.2021 20:49
So this:
<type name="testBelt" className="Vehicle"

is there, albeit in a compressed and unviewable state.... good enough for me.
And, I should simply remove the new category from the modDesc.xml file and press on with the process.

Thank you sir!


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.01.2021 21:14
It is not wrong what you have posted. But this will define your "testBelt" merely as vehicle. It will miss any specialization and is in practice unusable.

In earlier FS versions you had to list each spec for a custom vehicleType.
This has become easier in FS19 by using parent=.. what will adopt all the parent specs and you must add only the additional wanted specs.

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