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Created09.01.2021 22:09

Toth Erik (tothe) 09.01.2021 22:09
Hi! I am new and I make a combine and I have a problem with wearable. If the header connects to the combine and does nothing then the combine always wears too. I tried to test if what it is the problem. I looked <attacherJoints> and I delete <bottomArm> and then it worked good. But I need <bottomArm>. What do I do? Please help me!
Thank you advance.

<attacherJoint jointType="cutter" node="attacherJoint" jointPositionOffset="0 0 -1.185" lowerTransLimit="0 0 0" lowerRotLimit="0 0 0" lockDownRotLimit="true" moveTime="2.5" comboTime="0">
<distanceToGround lower="1.04" upper="1.99" />
<rotationNode node="attacherJointRot" lowerRotation="17 0 0" upperRotation="-10 0 0" startRotation="0 0 0" />
<!--<bottomArm rotationNode="attacherArm" referenceNode="attacherRef" />-->
<schema position="1 0" rotation="0" invertX="true" />
<attachSound template="HEADER_ATTACH_01" />

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.01.2021 22:21
Live with it. There's no solution except overworking the Wearable.lua.
If it is a mod, you could edit the <wearable> attributes of combine and header.

Toth Erik (tothe) 09.01.2021 22:25
Okay, but I can't understand that other mods work very well.

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