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i3D size... how big is too big?

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Created15.01.2021 02:08

Fuman 15.01.2021 02:08
I imported "part" of an i3d ( a transform ), into Blender and did a very small amount of "painting" on it using the material editor in Blender. After exporting the finished product as an i3d, I was surprised to find that the original i3d was only 72kb in size, whereas the small part, that I painted only a tiny fraction of, is a whopping 66mb i3d file....

Note that it is to scale once loaded into Giants Editor, and looks fine.....

Am I overlooking something critical here ?

[edit] if it helps, I exported the frame transform of a truck in GE (object file), then imported it into blender and used the material editor to make the hydraulic lines look like new extruded steel, rather than just black lines... then exported as i3d.... boom -> 66mb ...... ???
Also note that in the original i3d, the color of the lines is provided by one of those diffuse/normal/specular images... could that be the issue ?
I would have thought that a material is just a material.... and that mine, in effect, would be smaller.

[edit] my intentions in the end, is to repaint this entire frame and all of it attachments/accessories in blender so that it can be used in a mod.... but my god, I'll need gigabytes of storage to hold it.... I don't think this is how it's done....

Thank you,

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.01.2021 03:04
A common reason for enlarged i3d filesize is using non-conform characters in labels or filenames.
The i3d file is nothing else than xml. And for xml you must follow certain rules.
For labels or filenames use plain-ASCII only, means "A-Z", "a-z", "1-0" and "_" (underscore) instead spaces.

Fuman 15.01.2021 03:34
Well, that's kind of a problem Bilbo, in that I didn't write any xml.... yes, I know that i3d files are actually xml files, but I don't think modders write this kind of stuff in xml manually. Isn't that what the tools are for, (GE, Blender, etc) ?

But that doesn't mean you are incorrect in that blender, or more so the exporter plugin, may have done exactly what you said and wrote (albeit automatically) some sort of god awful xml and saved it as an i3d....

However, I am wondering if modders import the file into blender, uv unwrap it, then texture paint every single part of that unwrapping in one texture file. ??????

Then, their export is the mesh, with only that one texture file, wrapped back on the model ???

Hey Bilbo, you hear all those modder terms I was using?! That's progress!!! hahaha.

p.s, I finished one truck mod and drove it out of the store in-game.... The wheels actually came off and rolled away.... but the truck kept going.... so there I was, sledding down the road like Santa Clause.. LOL the most fun I've had in a game in a long time... I laughed till I cried... hahaha


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.01.2021 16:42
You don't understand what I've meant.
If you use 'illegal' characters in the i3d file, the GE xml parser might get confused and doesn't evaluate properly.
Just by using spaces (instead '_') the i3d file size may enlargen massively with each save. Other characters like eg. foreign special chars may lead to invalid xml code upto crashes.

Karyn Mcdonough (Unknown) 16.02.2021 18:46
It's not impossible that the normally separate shapes file was incorporated into the i3d file.

Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 17.02.2021 21:15
In fact that is the case in every instance, no matter which exporter you use for Blender. Unless he has saved it as a binary i3d within GE, then his i3d file will now contain all of the shape data. Where as the one he took it from most likely has it in the separate shapes file.

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