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Parallel guide of front loader

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Created16.01.2021 10:39

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 16.01.2021 10:39
Hi! Won't somebody help me to clear up the mechanism of work of parallel guide of attacher.
I'm trying to build a frontloader with rotating attacher plate and to provide it's parallel guide when lifting the arm.
I've done everything like in examples in according FS loaders (Manitou and other):
<movingPart node="plateAutoDum" referenceFrame="plateAutoDum2"/>
And scripted into arm's movingTool section
<dependentMovingTool node="plateDum" minRotLimits="-10 -120" maxRotLimits="120 10" />
But parallel guide is not working.
I discovered that it works perfectly if I change the sign of min and maxRotLimits so:
<dependentMovingTool node="plateDum" minRotLimits="10 120" maxRotLimits="-120 -10" />
But in this case stops to work the attacher rotating movingTool (I tryed tochange angles rotMin rotMax - not working).
I tryed to add rotSpeedScale="-1" into dependentMovingTool but - no result.
Won't somebody explain what do mean the values of min and maxRotLimits and how do they corelate with
rotMax="80" rotMin="-90" in attacher movingTool discription?
Thank you!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.01.2021 17:49
To make an attacher following a moved part, this part must have the tag <inputAttacherJoint value="true" />.

Determining the rotation values and orientations is a little tricky upto very complicated. That depends on start/idle values as well as orientation of the involved transform groups in i3d. These values you must always consider when calculating move and limit angles.

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 16.01.2021 21:26
Thank you, Bilbo,
I, tried add <inputAttacherJoint... to the arm as movingTool, but to my regret it hasn't help.
BTW, there's no such string in analog's xml where attachers .work right.
After many efforts I cleared out that the problem is in values minRotLimits and maxRotLimits.
When I define maxRotLimits less than minRotLimits parallel guide works perfectly,
but it cuts the angle of attacher's rotation to zero,
In some combination (interferenced zones of min- and maxRotLimits) it starts to work with a small angle but with good parallelism.
These values are what?
Attacher's rotation limits relatively to the arm? In what position? Why they are from two values each, in what order they must be written?
Sorry for million questions.
Is there any description of how to do it correctly?
Thank you.

Przemek Barczak (Aim400kgp) 16.01.2021 23:17
Mam problem z logo z gry pomożecie mi?

Link do logo i błędy są i jak to wszystko usunąć te błędy

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