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Created16.01.2021 21:32

Fuman 16.01.2021 21:32
The mod is a truck.
The truck, in Giants editor, has a transform for the frame/chassis.
This transform is the green wire mesh of the frame.
It has the little wire green meshes for the bits and pieces you would expect to find on a chassis, including.... a rear hitch.
This "frame transform" has an associated gloss map.....

If you go the scenegraph window, you will find with a little bit of searching, several other transforms scattered about, that can all be collected and placed under a parent transform you create for them...

Now, if you take this parent transform that you created for that subset of transforms that you collected, and you move it to the side in the view window, just for comparisons sake, you will discover that they a perfect "doppelganger" of the trucks frame/chassis and all the aforementioned little bits and pieces that are part of this frame.....

None of the transforms that make up this subset have gloss maps... and if you try to move them independently, they just "stretch"......
They have no green wire frame associated with them..... they just.... are.

And so, in my ignorance, I am starting to believe that the subset of transforms, the doppelganger if you will, is in fact, the Giant Editors "representation" of the gloss map that is associated with the truck frame transform.......

Furthermore, if I am right, then I will need to not only alter the frame transform in blender, but also completely redo the gloss map that is associated with it....

Is this correct, or have I gotten myself completely lost in the forest ?

p.s, I have read about, and toyed with texture maps, uv unwrapping, etc.. So I have a rudimentary understanding of the constituent parts, but not of how they all fit together.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.01.2021 23:44
1. The colors of the wires in wireframe view have no special meaning. Don't let you irritate by that. They represent merely the most dominant color of the shaded mesh.

2. The glossmap is just a texture like all others. However it does not represent surface colors like the diffuse, but like the name says the gloss/glance of a surface. It is also often called specular map. Though this may also be another type.
In the FS the glossmap has additional functions. Since for the gloss are no explicite colors needed, only values 0-255, one color channel is sufficient. The gloss is green channel, where red is used for wearing mask, blue for dirt mask.
But green can also be AO (ambient occlusion). This all is depending on used shaders.

3. Like I told you already earlier: there's no step-for-step guide to FS texture handling, at least I don't know one. Mostly you must pick the infos by extensive search in web.

Just another word: "learning by playing" is not the worst and makes fun. But you can't expect large progress in short time by this method. Your posts show that you still lack a lot of basics about 3D computer graphics in general, as well as shapes, meshes, textures, etc.. And also the necessary experience in dealing with 3D programs. There is a lot of info about it on the web. You just have to search properly (precise keywords) and have patience, do not limit yourself to the first few hits.

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