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Dismantling a mod.

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Created16.01.2021 23:14

Sam Fuller (FullerAgri) 16.01.2021 23:14
Hi I am new to modding but I kinda have the basics, I have a FordTW that I would like to change the exhaust to a straight pipe from another mod, the tractor that has a really nice straight pipe model that was very easy to export from the mod, I loaded it into blender and did the necessary modifcations to it so it would look right on the TW.

When I opened the TW however it was a different story, eveything is laid out pretty badly, the whole body, exhaust, cab etc is one model.

I exported it out and loaded it into blender and physically removed the exhaust from the mod seeing as that was the only way I could do it, I loaded it up in GE again and it looked great, I added the textures to the exhaust and it looked exactly how I wanted it to.

My problem is that I now have to try and put everything back together but that isn't very easy seeing as most of it is just one complete model so when I try to add the textures to the TW, some parts just wont texture and seeing as I can select those parts seperately I won't be able to texture them at all.

So to finally get to the main point of this thread.

Does anyone have any tips on fully "dismantling" a mod so that I can put it back together properly and texture it right, this might not even be possible but I thought I would ask here before I give up completely seeing as I have been trying to figure this out all week.

TIA :)

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