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How to add outlets for water

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Created18.01.2021 02:43

Juan Cruz (juanc) 18.01.2021 02:43
Hello, I have been trying to add points to load water in my map, but nothing works for me, I have used the "waterFillTriggers" that comes in the original folder of the game and I have modified the xml "mapDE_items" of my map and I add it there with the path to the xml for the "waterFillTriggers". But nothing works for me, I need help

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.01.2021 03:41
The waterFillTriggers used in mapDE|US are map specific by individual size, position, orientation of each trigger. They are not portable to another map without changes.

You need to import the waterFillTriggers.i3d into your map. Then place each trigger individually according your map. Don't touch the main transform group "waterFillTriggers". Select a "cube", use Ctrl-B for rough position, then move it by gizmo.
Case necessary, add triggers by Ctrl-D or delete redundant.
You may also scale a trigger, but then you must "freeze transformations" for scale afterwards.

After your edits you export the TG "waterFillTriggers" to your map's root folder "placeables/waterFillTriggers". Then close the map without saving.
In this folder "placeables/waterFillTriggers" must also be the according waterFillTriggers.xml where you set
Here you also add or delete <loadTrigger .. entries as needed.

Finally you set in defaultItems.xml
<item mapBoundId="waterFillTriggers" className="BuyingStationPlaceable" filename="$mapdir$/placeables/waterFillTriggers/waterFillTriggers.xml" position="0 0 0" rotation="0 0 0" />

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