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Position of hands inside the cab

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Created18.01.2021 23:58

Phill Thompson (ninja02) 18.01.2021 23:58
Hi. Looking to have a different hand position for a purchase option in the shop, The option is done using the motor configuration, i.e. hand on steering wheel for 1 option, but then hand on a joystick for another option. I have manged both independently, but cannot seem to get them to work together. Any advice would be appreciated

Noah Gransee (Radskoolie553) 19.01.2021 20:08
I assume you mean that the hand inside of the cab will either rest grasping the control joystick or steering wheel, separately. Your ideal situation is to have both hands on their control units. I have never stumbled upon this issue...

I tend to use other tractors as "role models", so to speak. There should be elements in the .xml file that adjust positioning, or something like that. You also said that the engine config toggles hand position? What I have done in the past is copy the file folder of another tractor and mess around with that. Let me know how it works out.

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