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DEM from FS15 not converting properly

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Created22.01.2021 03:58

Daniel S (Grubby) 22.01.2021 03:58
Alright, so I'm converting a map from FS15 to 19.
For some reason, the DEM is way hillier than I should be. Some spots are relatively flat in the FS15 version, but in 19 it's all hilly and stuff.
Would be great if someone could give me some guidance on how I could fix this, or convert it in a better way?
My way of converting was by just replacing the current Fellsbrun DEM with the FS15 one, then open up the map in GE and save to convert it.

Anyways, here are the pics:

**EDIT:** Fixed it now, just had to change the heightScale part of the FS19 i3D file back to the same heightScale of the FS15 map. :)

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