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'unpacking' a building

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Created22.01.2021 23:39

Andrew Phillips (Unknown) 22.01.2021 23:39
I'm a beginner, used editor to remove hedges, put in gates, have resized grain bins to fit where i wanted , moved triggers etc etc . so not a complete idiot. .and I've read and watched quite lot on GE but....

On Dalton Valley map there is a lovey old 'disused' brick shed, very nice model. I want to add doors /fix windows etc 'do it up# so i can use it .

But though when selected in the editor it shows as framed as different parts, in the scenegraph is shows as a single object/cube symbol. is there a way to 'hack' into the single file to play with the components or am i wasting my time?

Cheers for any thoughts.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.01.2021 00:32
Just the same question as nearby in

Andrew Phillips (Unknown) 23.01.2021 10:07
Many thanks , will see how enthused I am about getting into Blender!

Wille Sweden (Unknown) 23.01.2021 14:17
hej jag är en kille

Andrew Phillips (Unknown) 27.01.2021 20:16
Further to this - and against just help to manage my expectations :

I successfully moved the building (showing as one object in GE) into Blender. In an see it on Blender and when selects shows up a set of components. Is it easy to break it down into its component or will I need to be into vertices planes and all that on a door by door, bolt by bolt basis?

Just after a sense of the challenge- cheers.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.01.2021 20:22
Depends on what you're intending.
You may remove or add any component like you wish. But finally you should re-assemble all components again to a merged mesh for better performance.

Andrew Phillips (Unknown) 27.01.2021 21:47
Ok. Thanks. I just want fit a door where there isn’t one and make a ‘decorative’ door bigger and functional.

I’ll give it a go...


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