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Created23.01.2021 16:35

Jonas Graulund Hansen (Traktorjonas) 23.01.2021 16:35
Hello there, What must i change so the wheels dont bend so much? I think i've tried a few things without succes.
Also which things can i change so the tires has better traction?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.01.2021 19:04
The deformation of tires at ground contact is determined in the wheel xml <tire .. maxDeformation=
For more infos see LUADOC Vehicles/WheelsUtil.updateVisualWheel() line #513ff

Traction is depending on various parameters: frictionScale, ..Stiffness, ..Load
The exact calculation is in Specializations/Wheels.updateWheelTireFriction()

Jonas Graulund Hansen (Traktorjonas) 23.01.2021 21:09
Thank you so much for all this

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