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Created24.01.2021 23:28

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 24.01.2021 23:28
Won't somebody help me with an animation of dashboard objects.
I'd like to play an animation of a switch on a dashboard panel of a tractor.
Here's how I'm trying to do it:

<dashboard displayType="ANIMATION" valueType="lightState" animName="sw1Anim" lightTypes="0 1" groups="MOTOR_ACTIVE"/>

But it gives an error in log file: "arithmetic operation with boolean value"
Another effort was

<dashboard displayType="ROT" valueType="lightState" lightTypes="0 1" node=.... minRot=... maxRot=... groups="MOTOR_ACTIVE"/>
The same result.
Is it possible to make it somehow?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.01.2021 01:56
The valueType="lightState" is boolean. You cannot use it for a displayType which requires a number.

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 25.01.2021 13:26
Well, I've guessed that problem is in the type of returned value.
So is there any variable I could obtain from lightState and transmite it via dashboard tag?
Or is there any other way to use lightState for the initializiation of animation?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.01.2021 14:20
I don't know all dashboard variations. Be creative. Search through the default vehicles for other possibilities, eg. by using Notepad++ "search in files" for pattern "<dashboard".

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 25.01.2021 16:06
Sometimes I think I'm more creative than I was expected to be))

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