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Importing i3d into blender

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Created26.01.2021 04:19

Charlie Fylstra (Unknown) 26.01.2021 04:19
Hi, Im trying to modify a few mods and im wondering how do you open i3d's in blender i know how to export them and ive tried to open mod in GE and export as .obj then open in blender but it keeps coming up with python error location unknown. Any ideas? Thanks

Ross Bowden (rossnmods) (rdbbowen) 04.02.2021 20:42
I had a similar issue, for me it worked if I split the mod down in GE and exported smaller chucks as obj and then re-assemble in blender

Szymon Pierogi (zamoski) 14.02.2021 08:39
You need to export model in wavefront obj , you must change from i3d to wavefront obj , in blender you click import and wavefront obj

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