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Moving the teleport spot ?

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Created29.01.2021 11:42

Yakup Küçükkale (yakup70) 29.01.2021 11:42
I am doing a silo mod. I received a message " If you teleport to silo on the map, you become stuck inside the silo, please move the teleport spot". Then (of course) i moved <hotspot> command complately in xml file. But i received same message again :) Anything to do that i do not know?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.01.2021 20:16
Take a default silo as template.
It has in i3d a special transform, usually 'mapPosition'. This is the place for the hotspot on map and for teleport.
This is also the <hotspot> to be referenced in xml.

For your silo mod move this transform in i3d to a suitable place.
Without this extra <hotspot> the base postion of mod is assumed.

Yakup Küçükkale (yakup70) 30.01.2021 19:30
Fixed. Thanx ... :)

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