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Seeking a bit of help with traffic speed

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Created04.02.2021 16:15

Bloodeagle (BloodEagle) 04.02.2021 16:15
I am currently using the map Georgetown NY created by NitroDad for use on our dedicated server. The vehicles are moving really fast but tend to slam into our members smacking them around like ping pong balls. While it is funny, it is getting on everyone's nerves to the point they are ready to quit.

I could just disable traffic but would rather not do that as it creates a "last people on earth" sorta feel that we do not want.

I attempted to find info around the internet on how to put the traffic speeds back to default and have come up short. I did go into the GE and found the traffic splines but could not see a spot to change their speed.

So my questions are as follows...

1) Would someone be so kind as to tell me where to return traffic to normal speeds?

2) What is the default speed of traffic as it should be?

3) Does the traffic.XML do anything to affect this or can I leave that alone?

Thank you in advance for assisting someone that has 0 knowledge of the GE and has HUGE amounts of respect for all of you mod authors out there.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.02.2021 23:34
The basic speed of traffic vehicles is determined in the associated "trafficSystem.xml".
In the default game files this is topSpeed="0.0085" - what corresponds to 30 km/h. It can be enhanced a little upto ~ 40 km/h (topSpeed="0.0113").
With higher values the traffic collision detection reacts too late due to size of collision trigger. Then the traffic cars won't brake early enough for standing other vehicles (traffic or player) and will collide.
The 'topSpeed' of all cars should be equal. Else you'll get sooner or later a very ugly queue where all cars are close to the slowest.

You can also adjust the speed of an individual traffic spline with the user attribute (float) maxSpeedScale. This is a multiplier to the base speed.

Bloodeagle (BloodEagle) 04.02.2021 23:50
Thank you so much for answering!

Oddly enough all of his speeds in the XML file are indeed the 0.00085 so he much have changed the speeds in the splines themselves. All the cars seem to slow WAY down when they get to corners, go around the corners slowly, stay slow for a few moments, then speed ahead like wild people.I will try and find the splines you mentioned and see what I can find.

Since you are so kind to answer a question, I have been looking everywhere on the internet on how to properly export the map when I am done and integrate it back into his files hopefully without my members losing their progress and having to start over. I had to remove some barbed wire fences that were causing many issues for my players.

I was able to figure out how to remove them, but when I attempted to export the files and replace the ones with the same name in the folder, the game crashes to desktop everytime I attempt to test and see if it works.

Do you happen to know of any good resources that walk you through how to make small changes to a map and save it so it works?

Bloodeagle (BloodEagle) 04.02.2021 23:58
I was able to find the "User Attributes" window you were speaking of and it seems the vehicles are turned up to 3, so I will absolutely need to turn them back down to 1.

Thank you so much for that! Now if I can just figure out how to export the map properly (even if we have to start over) I will be golden!

Should the "maxSpeedScale" be 1 for all the splines?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.02.2021 00:22
When exporting you'll often meet queries, which you should answer
- use parent directory: NO
- use game relative paths: YES
All other is for special use only, custom configuration etc.

If you make changes on a multiplayer map, pay attention that all participants incl. server must have the same version of the map.

If you're searching for guides and tutorials, begin here on GDN with "Documentation" and "Video Tutorials". also in "Downloads" are some guides available.
Heed also pre-FS19 stuff. Though things may have changed a little, the basic principles are almost all still valid for FS19.

If you got errors, always look into the game log: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator...\log.txt
The error messages will give you also hints how to fix the errors.
If you feel lost, google for "fs19 {error message}". You're quite sure not the first with this error. ;)

If you want to reset the 'maxSpeedScale' to 1.000, then simply delete this user attribute.

Bloodeagle (BloodEagle) 05.02.2021 14:47
Your help has been SOOO amazing! I cannot thank you enough.

I have the vehicles going the correct speed now (although they shake a little bit going down the road like they are hitting tiny little bumps constantly) and I was able to export the map correctly now so that it is able to be logged into.

I think my last issue is the following...

I moved the career spawn point to a more central location as we plan on adding a "no teleport" mod so we wanted somewhere where everyone could park their vehicles each day before logging out.

For some reason, when I moved it to its new position, it keeps spawning me under the map at the bottom left corner. I have tried moving it around a bit and raising it in the air some without success.

Any ideas?

Bloodeagle (BloodEagle) 05.02.2021 14:54
Odd, it double posted

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.02.2021 13:34
I've no idea what you did wrong.
The transform for career start point must have the user attribute "onCreate : Mission00.onCreateStartPoint".
But if you have a farmhouse with spawn point, this will be used on start of a loaded savegame.

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