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FS 19 Xbox Controller Crashing PC

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Created07.02.2021 20:42

Johnny Mellnethin (Unknown) 07.02.2021 20:42
Every time that I use my Xbox Controller while playing FS19, my entire PC will freeze. I watch YouTube while I play. The YT video will freeze, the game will freeze, I cannot use Task Manager to stop the game, I cannot do anything at all but hit the restart button on my PC. This is making the game unplayable. Please update the game to fix this. I have tried deleting the key bindings file that was mentioned in another forum, but that did absolutely nothing. This is making me want to just uninstall the game and give up!!!!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.02.2021 12:24
The FS doesn't need a fix concerning this issue.
However your Xbox Controller. At first change the batteries, low ones cause the controller switching on/off randomly.

If that doesn't help, find other solution by googling for "xbox controller game freeze".

Johnny Mellnethin (Unknown) 11.02.2021 16:03
I have never had this problem with this controller in all the year I have been playing the game. It has just now started to be a problem. Also it is a wired controller so no battery problem there. This is the only game that causes problems with the controller. I have Googled the problem and found nothing that can help me. Hence, why I posted here directly.

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