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Created14.02.2021 14:38

Mark Kloosterman (Fendt_926) 14.02.2021 14:38
so i wanted to try and make my own mod, so i went into giants editor and opened a weight from new mod from game, then set the visual to blender, edited it to how i want it, then i put it back on the weight and put the textures on and deleted the old visual. but when i go to file it wont let me publish the mod. ive tried taking the file and putting it in my mods folder but that didnt work either. pls help

Boris Klinko (Boris555) 14.02.2021 17:38
Check your modDesc.xml if your mod doesn't show in in-game shop. Also check log.

StiofanO 20.02.2021 19:57
To publish a mod you need to create a modDesc.xml file

...then in the GE use the File>>Open Mod option, and open the modDesc.xml - which will then load your mod.

The Publish Mod option is no longer grey out. :)

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