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Child collisions in store

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Created15.02.2021 15:05

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 15.02.2021 15:05
Are child collisions disabled in the store? I have had a couple issues with parts falling through the store floor. I am currently helping someone with a trailer and the hitch support (used in attached support) just simply falls through the floor. I thought it was a collision issue with the support however I even exported a support collision from an in game tipper and it is doing the same thing. Once bought it sits above ground. It’s just simply not recognizing it in the store.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.02.2021 17:25
I'd guess there's something wrong with the collision masks.

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 17.02.2021 01:32
Yeah I found some issues with some collision settings however the main issue was the model wasn’t sitting high enough. When I added a plane at 0 0 0 in ge the hitch support was below the plane. After I reset the translation (translation freeze) for the component to be higher and moved everything up to match being sure the support was above the ground, it worked. I even tried translation offset in the shop and it would not work correctly until I fixed it in the i3d.

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