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Created17.02.2021 02:35

David Morton (Unknown) 17.02.2021 02:35
I'm trying to finish my first mod. I finally got everything in game, the last problem that I can't seem to find any tutorials on is placing the trigger. I created a simple fuel tank as my first attempt to mod FS19. Simple enough I thought. I can't get the trigger to work, not even an option to "start fueling". I've copied & pasted everything from the gasStation, gasStationPump, and other mods and NOTHING is working. Yes I changed all file names and locations, and I've used several different mods and the sample map stuff multiple times. The .xml's are 100% exact with a mod that I was using as an example and nothing. I have a collision as a trigger and tried without the collision model. Nothing is working, here is my .13d, modDesc.xml, and object xml.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

<i3D name="Worn Fuel Tank" version="1.6" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
<Export program="GIANTS Editor 64bit" version="8.2.2"/>

<File fileId="4" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="7" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="10" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="12" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="15" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="18" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="1" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="5" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="8" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="11" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="13" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="16" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="19" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="2" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="6" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="9" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="14" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="17" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="20" filename="Materials/"/>
<File fileId="3" filename="Materials/"/>

<Material name="Bracket" materialId="4">
<Texture fileId="4"/>
<Normalmap fileId="5"/>
<Glossmap fileId="6"/>
<Material name="Hose" materialId="6">
<Texture fileId="7"/>
<Normalmap fileId="8"/>
<Glossmap fileId="9"/>
<Material name="Pipe" materialId="7">
<Texture fileId="10"/>
<Normalmap fileId="11"/>
<Glossmap fileId="11"/>
<Material name="Pump" materialId="8">
<Texture fileId="12"/>
<Normalmap fileId="13"/>
<Glossmap fileId="14"/>
<Material name="PumpHandle" materialId="9">
<Texture fileId="15"/>
<Normalmap fileId="16"/>
<Glossmap fileId="17"/>
<Material name="Tank" materialId="10">
<Texture fileId="18"/>
<Normalmap fileId="19"/>
<Glossmap fileId="20"/>
<Material name="UnnamedMaterial" materialId="53" diffuseColor="1 1 1 1">
<Material name="Vent" materialId="11">
<Texture fileId="1"/>
<Normalmap fileId="2"/>
<Glossmap fileId="3"/>

<Shapes externalShapesFile="Fuel_Tank.i3d.shapes">


<TransformGroup name="Fuel Tank" nodeId="21">
<Shape shapeId="1" name="Vent" static="true" clipDistance="3000" nodeId="22" materialIds="11" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="2" name="Bracket" static="true" clipDistance="3000" nodeId="23" materialIds="4" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="3" name="Hose" static="true" clipDistance="3000" nodeId="24" materialIds="6" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="4" name="Pipe" static="true" clipDistance="3000" nodeId="25" materialIds="7" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="5" name="Pump" static="true" clipDistance="3000" nodeId="26" materialIds="8" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="6" name="PumpHandle" static="true" clipDistance="3000" nodeId="27" materialIds="9" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true"/>
<Shape shapeId="7" name="Tank" static="true" clipDistance="3000" nodeId="28" materialIds="10" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true">
<Shape shapeId="8" name="gasStationTrigger" translation="-0.326144 1.25966 2.86139" scale="0.35 0.25 0.2" static="true" trigger="true" collisionMask="1088421888" nodeId="64" materialIds="53" nonRenderable="true" distanceBlending="false"/>
<TransformGroup name="clearAreas" translation="0 0 -3" nodeId="30">
<TransformGroup name="start" translation="-6 0 -4" nodeId="31">
<TransformGroup name="width" translation="12 0 0" nodeId="32"/>
<TransformGroup name="height" translation="0 0 10" nodeId="33"/>
<TransformGroup name="levelingAreas" translation="0 0 -3" nodeId="34">
<TransformGroup name="start" translation="-2 0 -2" nodeId="35">
<TransformGroup name="width" translation="4 0 0" nodeId="36"/>
<TransformGroup name="height" translation="0 0 3" nodeId="37"/>
<TransformGroup name="startFront" translation="-4 0 1" nodeId="38">
<TransformGroup name="width" translation="8 0 0" nodeId="39"/>
<TransformGroup name="height" translation="0 0 4" nodeId="40"/>
<TransformGroup name="rampAreas" translation="0 0 -3" nodeId="41">
<TransformGroup name="startLeft" translation="-4 0 1" rotation="0 -90 0" nodeId="42">
<TransformGroup name="width" translation="4 0 5.91646e-31" nodeId="43"/>
<TransformGroup name="height" translation="-1.97215e-31 0 3" nodeId="44"/>
<TransformGroup name="startRight" translation="3 0 5" rotation="0 90 0" nodeId="45">
<TransformGroup name="width" translation="4 0 4.44089e-16" nodeId="46"/>
<TransformGroup name="height" translation="1.55431e-15 0 3" nodeId="47"/>
<TransformGroup name="startFront" translation="-4 0 4" nodeId="48">
<TransformGroup name="width" translation="8 0 0" nodeId="49"/>
<TransformGroup name="height" translation="0 0 3" nodeId="50"/>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
<modDesc descVersion="47">
<author>Wolf Industries</author>
<en>Worn Fuel Tank</en>
<de>Abgenutzter Kraftstofftank</de>
<it>Serbatoio carburante usurato</it>
<fr>Réservoir de carburant usé</fr>
<en><![CDATA[Fuel tank that has seen it's better days. It still gets the job done.
Price: 10000
Upkeep: 5]]></en>
<de><![CDATA[Kraftstofftank, der schon bessere Tage gesehen hat. Es erledigt immer noch die Arbeit.
Preis: 10000
Instandhaltung: 5 ]]></de>
<it><![CDATA[Serbatoio del carburante che ha visto che sono giorni migliori. Fa ancora il lavoro.
Prezzo 10000
Manutenzione 5 ]]></it>
<fr><![CDATA[Réservoir de carburant qui a vu ses jours meilleurs. Il fait toujours le travail.
Prix 10000
Entretien 5 ]]></fr>

<multiplayer supported="true"/>

<storeItem xmlFilename="fuelTank.xml"/>

<brand name="WI" title="Wolf Industries" image=""/>

<text name="shopItem_fueltank">
<en>Worn Fuel Tank</en>
<de>Abgenutzter Kraftstofftank</de>
<it>Serbatoio carburante usurato</it>
<fr>Réservoir de carburant usé</fr>
<text name="function_fueltank">
<en>This tank may have seen it's better days but it functions like new.</en>
<de>Dieser Panzer hat vielleicht schon bessere Tage gesehen, aber er funktioniert wie neu.</de>
<it>Questo serbatoio potrebbe aver visto che sono giorni migliori, ma funziona come nuovo.</it>
<fr>Ce char a peut-être vu des jours meilleurs, mais il fonctionne comme neuf.</fr>



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>

<placement testSizeX="0.5" testSizeZ="0.5" sizeX="0.5" sizeZ="0.5" useRandomYRotation="false" useManualYRotation="true"/>

<buyingStation stationName="$l10n_station_gasStation" appearsOnPDA="true" storageRadius="0" fillSoundIdentifier="fillSound01" hotspotTextOffset="0px 36px">
<loadTrigger triggerNode="1" fillLitersPerSecond="20" autoStart="false"/>
<fillType name="diesel" priceScale="0.9" />

<clearArea startNode="2|0" widthNode="2|0|0" heightNode="2|0|1"/>

<leveling requireLeveling="true" maxSmoothDistance="8" maxSlope="30" maxEdgeAngle="30">
<levelArea startNode="3|0" widthNode="3|0|0" heightNode="3|0|1" groundType="concrete"/>
<levelArea startNode="3|1" widthNode="3|1|0" heightNode="3|1|1" groundType="concrete"/>


Any help will be appreciated.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.02.2021 06:28
Make sure, the <loadTrigger triggerNode=".." points to the right trigger and its static rigid body has 'Collision', 'Trigger' and collision mask 40e00000.

Besides, your translation <l10n> <de> is wrong. With <de> "Panzer" is meant an armor, a military tank. *g*

David Morton (Unknown) 17.02.2021 07:06
Worked perfect, mod is fully functional. Trigger node was wrong. My specialty is Models and Textures just getting my feet wet with FS19, modding is a bit different than other games I've modded. I did change the translation too. Thanks for the help.

Tom Decker (Tom12) 27.08.2021 18:13

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