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Created17.02.2021 11:20

E. Fredriksen (Gonard) 17.02.2021 11:20
Hello I have a question.

Who can explain to me how I can extend the mast of the Manitou_MC18_Container edition so that it can be higher like the standard manitou, only the height so otherwise it must remain exactly the same, because the forks can go from right to left and otherwise.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.02.2021 12:14
I don't know this mod. But if it is very similar to the original MC18, you cannot easily change it. The forklift mast of the default MC18 is component of a merged mesh. You had to disassemble the complete model in an external 3D modeler where you can scale (enlarge) the mast, re-assemble the model and export/import in GE.

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