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Attaching a Front Loader to a Tractor

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Created17.02.2021 16:14

Thomas Simmons (tsimmons) 17.02.2021 16:14
Hi. I'm new to modding and am trying to edit a mod to include loader brackets. The tractor is the McCormick MC from the ModHub. I imported the loader brackets from the in game MF 5600, and have added the ID3s into the XML file. When it comes to in game, the loader brackets are on the tractor, but it will not attach to a front loader. I am using the regular Stoll Loader Brackets and the Stoll loader.

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. I've searched this forum and YouTube and cannot find anything that will help! Thanks.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.02.2021 16:34
In the vehicle.i3d you need to define an attacher node (transform). Pay attention to right orientation.
In the vehicle.xml you must add the section <frontloaderConfigurations> with reference to i3d node.

For examples see default tractors with frontloader attacher.

Thomas Simmons (tsimmons) 18.02.2021 10:21
Thank you so much! It appears it was the script and not the ID3s. Took the text from the MF 5600 XML and it now works perfectly. Thank you!

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