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Edited a tractor, now 3rd person cam stuck.

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Created21.02.2021 00:29

Mark Kloosterman (Fendt_926) 21.02.2021 00:29
hi all, so i decided to edit a tractor, took the visual of it, exported it as a wavefront, went in blender and did stuff to it, exported it as a i3d, go back to GN import the part , replace it with the old one, and go into the game and the 3rd person camera is stuck to the ground, cant move it up, the 1st person camera works fine, please help

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.02.2021 19:39
Most probably the TG with outdoor cam has been shifted by your edits. Or even deleted.
You need to setup/restore the cam node in the vehicle.xml <enterable> <cameras> according vehicle.i3d.

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