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Painting gras that doesn't grow, in game

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Created21.02.2021 13:58

Boris Klinko (Boris555) 21.02.2021 13:58
is there a way to paint, in game, grass that doesn't grow? I know one can add additional foliage types to map, but how to prevent growth?

In this example:
<paintableFoliage id="1" layerName="grass" firstDensityMapChannel="0" numDensityMapChannels="4" value="2" />

what are parameters firstDensityMapChannel, numDensityMapChannels and value?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.02.2021 19:34
Regular grass is kind of fruit and grows always.
For static grass use decoration foliage instead, see "$data/foliage/decoFoliage.xml".

The parameters are the same as in map.i3d <TerrainTransformGroup name="terrain" ..> <Layers>
firstDensityMapChannel = bit offset for first/lowest bit
numDensityMapChannels = density channels bit width
value = foliage/fruit index (referring to the associated foliage.xml)

Boris Klinko (Boris555) 22.02.2021 17:35
Thank you Bilbo :)

I did some experimenting, this is what I got now:

<groundTypeMapping type="grass" layer="GRASS" paintableFoliageId="1" />
<groundTypeMapping type="grassDry" layer="GRASS_DRY" paintableFoliageId="1" />
<groundTypeMapping type="grasstown" layer="GRASSTOWN" paintableFoliageId="1" />
<groundTypeMapping type="bushGrass" layer="BUSHGRASS" paintableFoliageId="4" />

<paintableFoliage id="1" layerName="grass" firstDensityMapChannel="0" numDensityMapChannels="4" value="4" />
<paintableFoliage id="2" layerName="grassDry" firstDensityMapChannel="0" numDensityMapChannels="4" value="2" />
<paintableFoliage id="3" layerName="grasstown" firstDensityMapChannel="0" numDensityMapChannels="4" value="3" />
<paintableFoliage id="4" layerName="bush01" firstDensityMapChannel="0" numDensityMapChannels="4" value="4"/>

In this scenario I got paintable grass with three different ground texture and a empty texture. Basically grass foliage is connected with ground textures grass, grassDry and grassTown. When I connect id's in right way, every texture gets different foliage id, I get only one paintable grass and three ground textures without foliage. To me it is looking like the map doesn't recognize any other foliage except normal grass. Is there some kind of setting for this? On other map this is working just fine.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.02.2021 17:42
Certainly you can only apply what is implemented in the map.i3d.
Look in i3d section <TerrainTransformGroup name="terrain" ..> <Layers> <FoliageMultiLayer>. These are the layers you can use.for groundTypeMappings.

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